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is proud to be part of the Bill Doran Company family, with a long tradition of providing the floral industry the highest quality products and service.


Bill Doran began his floral distribution company in 1945 in Rockford Illinois, a in small portion of a distributor's warehouse. It has grown to a team of 24 warehouses throughout the Midwest, Texas, and the East Coast, each with its own distinctive flavor as it services the needs of the local florist.
This structure allows each warehouse to insure our customer receives the freshest flowers and supplies, through highly honed delivery logistics and strong buying power, providing the best pricing available.
This team concept also allows us to provide unique collaborative opportunities between the farms and you, the florist.
Everflora Twin Cities is in the unique position to also tap into the resources provided by our parent branch, Everflora Chicago, which stepped into the Minnesota market more than a decade ago. 


At Work For You

We specialize in helping you purchase and ship direct from the source--the farm, saving valuable shelf life, time and money. Nothing insures longer lasting flowers for your customers and events.

As part of the Bill Doran Group we demand buying power. That allows us to pass the savings along to you. 
Customizable, direct from farm boxes arrive at your door. Your name is stamped on the box at the farm

Work one on one with a dedicated, experienced sales consultant. Get answers quickly with prompt return calls. Our sales consultants listen and are proactive with suggestions to improve your bottom line. 

Your product arrives from multiple worldwide locations and are consolidated into one Everflora shipment and delivered directly to your door, all with guaranteed cold-chain management.


Our success is linked directly to your profitability and growth. We seek to collaborate with you in this ever changing business, treating you with great respect and appreciation. 

We strive to be a partner in helping you reach your goals

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