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Custom Farm Direct Boxes
We specialize in direct from farm boxes. When ordering farm direct you have the ability to customize the box with your preferred choices. For example, choose four different varieties of roses, or order a personal mix of greens from a farm in California. This insures you receive exactly what you need, and the freshest product!

Farm Direct Box Specials
Our buyers create weekly Farm Direct specials with exceptional pricing, with additional price breaks when you buy 4+, or 7+ boxes.  

California Connection
Create a personalized box of California greens and other product, or choose a pre-selected mixed combo. Customized, low quantities, great prices.

Dutch Connection
Experience Holland without leaving your store with access to unique Dutch product. Show case a variety of products that set you apart from the competition.

Buy the Bunch

Shop our cooler with product brought in from across the Americas and around the world. We carry the essential flowers, greens and plants that create the cornerstone of a floral design shop, and beautiful seasonal options.


Gone in 60 Seconds!
Deals so hot you'd better grab them while they last!!


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