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Rich, I just wanted to reach out to you here from Mackinac Island to let you know how beautiful and perfect our floral is. Every flower we have is perfect and it's so helpful when designing out of town weddings to not have the stress.

Thank you!!



Emerald City Designs.

“It is wonderful to have Rich at Everflora help us with anything we need; whether a last minute order, or a detailed order months in advance.  He is always fast to respond to my emails, texts or calls, and I truly feel he is a partner with us in our business.  Thanks for everything!”


Founder - Mani Mela


As the owner of Chez Bloom floral in Minneapolis.  Over the course of a year, we have enjoyed a wide variety of direct shipped products courtesy of the expertise and professional advice of our sales representative Dan.  He truly understands the day to day business of a small design shop unaffiliated with any wire services. Suggesting California products has been honestly a lifeline to quinquennial varieties of flowers most desired by our southwest Minneapolis upscale clientele.  We are able to showcase today's favorite wedding trends and tastes in our gallery.  Also, the Dutch Web Shop custom packs to fit our needs.

We purchased 70-80% of our Valentine stock during his pre-book offering in December and with our internal web marketing of the new design offerings our shop was up 40% over 2015 !!!! he is a truly a valuable partner and look forward to the relationship to continue for years to come. 


Nathalie Johnson


Chez Bloom floral

To Rich Dodds.....

Just wanted to let you know how beautiful the roses were last week.  We received so many compliments on them. 

Thank you! 

Shauna Barnhart |

Floral Designer MichaelAngelos The Event Company

To Dan....-I LOVE the Canadian Lisianthus!!!!   OMG.   How beautiful and perfectly shaped are the blooms! Btw the select hydrangeas were just fine. More consistent with the sizing....size was good for the price. Pink hydrangeas are sweet.

Thanks for your help,


Russell Toscano

Artistic Director

Wisteria Designs – Minneapolis

Dear Everflora and to whom this may concern,

I have been in the floral industry for 30 plus years and I am a wedding event florist. We design with a lot of white hydrangeas and I encourage my Brides to incorporate them for their events, they love the look of the hydrangea plus the fullness that it can bring to an arrangement. I have used other wholesalers in the past, but the quality, size, price and the longevity never compared to the quality that I get on a weekly basis from Everflora. I use to buy jumbos from the local wholesalers because of their characteristic pure white quality and size, but I purchase the white premiums from Everflora because their size, and color are the same, plus less the cost and they hold up better in my opinion. We buy several cases at a time and I have never had an issue with them that they have never fixed for me. The customer service that I get from my salesman, Rich is amazing! I use to be a bunch buyer and he has converted me to a box/case buyer because of his prices and the quality from Everflora!

Warmest Regards!

Karen Steen

Flowers by Steen



You have the best hydrangea of anyone, hands down. 

Troy Schultz, Old Oak Florist

The product you have been sending has not only been amazingly well priced but superior in quality.
Although there have been a few items that have not been up to par you have always been very willing to make it right and have quickly responded with a credit, no questions asked!

Barb Rose 
Lexington Floral

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